Start your mornings at Tilikum Place Cafe

Tilikum Place Cafe

Belltown: 407 Cedar Street

Average Price: $7

Tilikum Place Cafes Dutch Baby (photo from Yelp)
Tilikum Place Cafe's Dutch Baby (photo from Yelp)


After a fun night before, the first thing you wake up to is a growling stomach. And maybe a pounding headache. Your immediate thoughts are where is the closest place I can grab good food?

Before finding Tilikum Place Cafe, brunch visits were made to Macrina Bakery Cafe and Portage Bay, both of which were respectively long waits and recently sub-par brunch food. But low and behold the token gem of Belltown, Tilikum Place Cafe only 2 blocks from me, featuring amazing food, decent prices, and a reminiscent reminder of the restaurants of my SF days.

Walk inside and you’ll find this cozy yet airy space, with a chalkboard of daily specials featuring items like a quiche, tart, soup of the day and more. So far I have been fortunate enough to try:

– Moroccan Chicken Soup

– Butternut squash soup with a drizzle of vanilla oil

– Savory Tart with potatoes, bacon

– Dutch Babies (savory)

– Bread with Jam and butter

All of which are amazing. Of the items I have sampled, I actually love their soups the best because of their simplicity: the Moroccan soup had a light soup base that was still flavorful and had the right amount of fixings to set you up for your next dish. The butternut squash soup was creamy yet flavorful and the bit of cheese and bacon they serve in it just add a little bit more pizzazz that you don’t expect to find a soup.

Courses: Dutch babies. Let me explain this – a Dutch baby is basically a large baked pastry that you drizzle maple syrup over. I would recommend the savory one over the sweet one as it has pieces of duck and other fixings, and is served with a side of salad. The portions are perfect, and you would think the syrup would overwhelm the pastry, but pour just enough and its the perfect complement. The sweet Dutch baby had too much cheese to my liking and was paired with peaches – which I found to be an odd pairing.

All in all, I always look forward to mornings with Tilikum Place Cafe, because there is no wait, the food is simple and amazing, and its only 2 blocks away from me! What more can you ask?

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