Cafe Besalu

Cafe Besalu's Morning Affair, Source:


Cafe Besalu

5909 24th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Average Price: $3-5

Grade: A-

For breakfast, I’m typically a pretty routine person. I like my morning cereal and the only real variety I’ll have is to switch between Kellogg’s Smart Start and Honey Nut Cheerios. But, every so often, I’ll splurge and go for an omelette or even a Dutch Baby at Tilikum Place. One morning however, had the opportunity to sweeten things up and also get a quick bite to eat on the way to rock climbing in Ballard.

Hence, Cafe Besalu. At 10am on a Saturday morning, I saw a line coming out this tiny storefront with happy, cheerful people waiting for their morning pastries. Things got even more enlightening when I saw a Cal alum heading to Cafe Besalu, making this place all the more reason to try it out.

As I was waiting in line, I was reading the reviews on the storefront for recommendations on the best items – pain au chocolat croissant and the cheese brioche. I went in thinking I would get these two items, luckily I wasn’t eating alone, which always means more to try. At the recommendation of one of the employees, we got the almond croissant, the quiche, the two items I had read from the review, and I got a nonfat latte.

The best 2 items I’d have to say are the almond croissant and the pain au chocolat. The almond crossaint is definitely unexpected – almost the consistency of a danish cookie with the zing of almond flavor to it. The pain au chocolat croissant I like, because its a classic and Cafe Besalu is known for the buttery, flaky croissants. The cheese brioche was a bit dense, lacking flavor and overall pretty boring in comparison to the other items we tried, and the quiche was definitely good a bit salty for my liking, since there was so much sweetness going on with all the other items I was having that morning, but still good. The latte was also very good – and enjoying all this outside on a beautiful sunny day doesn’t hurt either!

So stop by Cafe Besalu as your normal everyday breakfast run, or make it a special treat like I did!

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